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Miscommunication in the office

The Easiest Way to Sidestep Miscommunication in the Office

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“Words are the source of misunderstandings.”        – Antoine de Saint-Exupery Miscommunication happens all the time in the workplace; for some offices, it even seems to be a way of life. According to the Joint Commission, miscommunications in the medical profession regarding improperly written prescriptions “harms an estimated 1.5 million people in the United States each year, [and results] in upward of $3.5 billion in extra medical costs.”1 That’s a hefty price to pay for hurried and thoughtless communication.…

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healthy feedback

5 Tips for Giving Healthy Feedback in the Workplace (especially to Millennials)

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Why is feedback so important (especially to Millennials)?

Today’s young professionals grew up participating in sports teams and team-driven classrooms in which coaches and teachers gave them constant feedback about their performance–as well as trophies just for participation. They’re also the gaming generation, raised on complex, multi-player video games where they played against kids from around the globe, which made their game rankings even more significant.…

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