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responsibility in the workplace

How “Responsibility” is Different in the Japanese and American Workplace

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There are some remarkable differences in the way Japanese and Americans do business (to learn more click HERE), but perhaps one of the largest differences has more to do with mindset than anything else. For a Japanese executive who is managing US employees, his or her greatest challenge will be the simple fact that, to him or her, it appears as though the American employees only care about their own responsibilities under their job description.…

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nurture better relationships

How to Truly Connect with Others and Nurture Better Relationships within Your Workplace

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The workplace is about people: people like to work with people they know, like, and trust. Despite this, I’ve spoken with many corporate employees who often feel they need to have a professional face that hides their personal world. Unconsciously, they have separate worlds and aren’t open to sharing themselves at work.…

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best posts

Best Posts of 2015

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At the end of the year, I make it a priority to create time to reflect and celebrate accomplishments and appreciate what I have. 2015 was an amazing year here at Michiki Morgan Worldwide. As the last post of the year, I’m rounding up the most popular posts of 2015, in case you missed any or as a refresher.…

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