Let Me Be Your Guide

I’m an Executive Coach that helps smart, savvy, high-achieving professionals build confidence and bring out their inner leader, so they can elevate their careers, become better leaders, and improve their performance at work. Most importantly, I help ensure they are fulfilled in their lives. Success comes from being the leader of our own life.

I leverage my global background and 15 years of corporate marketing experience, working for top companies such as Delta Air Lines, Johnson & Johnson, BBDO, and other industry-leading clients in the automotive, consumer package goods, finance, fashion, entertainment, IT, lifestyle, and airline sectors as well as my MBA from Yale to guide you to leadership that matters.

Do you truly see your worth, power, and brilliance? I know you have something special and unique that adds value to this world. I would love to help you get there. Let’s talk!

Full Executive Summary

Nozomi Morgan


True leadership comes from inside you. It is not something you have to put on like a suit of armor or activate like an on-off switch. We are responsible for our own happiness and people who are in control of their lives are content.

—Nozomi Morgan

Unleash Your Inner leader

I believe a leader lives inside all of us. There are many myths about what leadership is, what it means, and what it looks like. We are taught that leadership belongs to a chosen few, that it is hierarchal, and that it is lonely at the top. What if there was a different type of leadership? What if true leadership meant that people within an organization are able to express their unique geniuses and contribute to the overall success of the company? That’s the type of leadership I believe in. I didn’t always trust that this was possible. I started my career with a dream advertising job in Tokyo, but 15 years later, I found myself feeling lost and miserable. I knew something inside me had to change, so I did something about it and stepped into my own unique leadership style. A Leadership Lifestyle is based on aligning your actions with your core values and becoming the leader you are meant to be in every aspect of your life.

"Nozomi pushes me to achieve my best in a gentle and non-threatening way. I feel safe discussing my successes and failures with her, but also feel she holds me accountable to achieve my best and put forth 100 percent all the time. Her background and insight in marketing and branding have been invaluable. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to translate vague desires and goals into concrete action steps, and to hold yourself accountable to achieving them. I feel more mentally organized, motivated, and confident from coaching with Nozomi."

− Jenny Lewis | Founder, Whole Learning

"Before working with Nozomi, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and lost. After a few coaching sessions, I was able to manage my time better, and to set my goals and visions. Nozomi pushed me to see a positive life; I’m really glad I decided to do work with her."

− Lan Nguyen-Diddens | Quality and Process Control Supervisor, Hormel Foods

"Nozomi helps you see the path clearly and to develop a plan (including action steps) to go down the path. She helped me to come up with solutions by myself. Our coaching sessions were great practice for me in setting goals, developing action plans to achieve those goals."

− Erika Koike | International Business Manager, Minnetonka Moccasin Co.