My name is Nozomi Morgan, and I know why you are here.

Every day, life presents us with many opportunities—some are filled with purpose and possibility; others end in stagnation and regret. You want a career and life that matter. You want your work to have meaning. You want change, but you’re not sure how. And if you’re honest, you never feel 100 percent satisfied at the end of the day. Are you ready to stop reliving the same day over and over again?  There’s another path…

I coach and teach professionals how to be leaders in every aspect of their lives. Our work together elevates their careers and their personal lives. I can help you, too. But first, you must make a choice. You must choose to step into a Leadership Lifestyle.

Are you ready to lead?

It all begins with you and these core tenants of Leadership.

Nozomi Morgan

Leadership is a choice.

Each of us has equal opportunity to become a leader. Making the choice to live a lifestyle founded on leadership is what differentiates true leaders from those who just go through the motions. True leaders choose to be happy. True leaders practice their own authentic leadership style, which becomes a statement of who they are in the world.

Leadership is visionary.

Leaders know what’s most important in their lives. They have clear guiding principles that align with their actions. They stay committed to making their dreams a reality. Leaders are proactive. They initiate, take action and take responsibility for all results.

Leadership is a lifestyle.

True leadership is born inside of you. It is not something you put on like a suit of armor or activate like an on-off switch. When you are aligned with the best version of yourself, your inside and outside are seamless. You just “be.” Your inner leader is waiting to be unleashed. To learn more, schedule a Complimentary Clarity Call


"Nozomi helped me find a career I love, showed me how to work out a better relationship with those around me, and to recognize roles I never thought I could do. She gave me tools to help me recognize that I am actually a leader. As we continued our coaching sessions, I found there was a time when I woke up extremely happy and the whole day was just fantastic. What a wonderful feeling! Prior to coaching, I spent many years creating my own negative environment. Now, I won't let negativity thrive and I strive to be more positive."

− Laura Takeshita | Vice President, The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company

"The outcome of my time with Nozomi was too great to measure. I learned to say 'no;' I got organized and prioritized my never-ending to-do list; and I recognized my strengths. I also discovered areas that need more focus. I have become a better version of myself."

− Kim Casmey | Marketing Specialist

"I worked with Nozomi to create a distinctive vision for my life because I believe clarity allows us to experience true happiness and not just cross items off a to-do list. I use tools she has created to strategically guide me on my path. I was offered a job that increased my income by more than 59 percent, compared to what I made before I worked with Nozomi. I am now comfortable asking for help, an action I’ve learned that defines a leader. Now I’m shining the way she always has and others seem to notice. Luckily, I didn’t have to do it alone."

− Mary Warner | CEO, The Thred
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